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Students Engagement seminar

On Friday 31st of January 2014, two seminars were organised at Domain Group's hall delivered by the world-renowned Professor John Portelli of the University of Toronto.  These seminare were aimed at educators and Principals/Heads of educational institutions.

The objective of these seminars were to clarify the different meanings of engagement and student success, and the relationship between the two. While all agree that student success and student engagement are crucial for meaningful learning, it is essential that we understand the different and competing forms that both success and student engagement embody.  If we believe in democratic values, then in practice we need to utilize various forms of student success as well as fulfill the diverse and multiple needs that students have.  It is crucial that we attempt to fulfill the needs of all. To what extent do we engage students in aspects that connect with their lives? Do we consider the fact of having diverse leaning styles and abilities as a hindrance?  Does standardization lead to success and engagement for all?  All these issues were discussed during these seminars.

Photos of these seminars can be found with the PHOTO GALLERY menu.



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