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Domain Group's Mission

As a leading educational group offering a wide range of internationally-recognised Diplomas, Degrees, international certification courses, English general and specialised courses, international examinations, we strive to:

  • create, preserve and disseminate knowledge
  • adopt highest level of excellence on par with the best institutions worldwide
  • attract a diverse group of talented students from all over the world
  • being an equal-opportunity employer
  • offer opportunities to disadvantaged students
  • champion freedom of thought and expression
  • encourage analytical and questioning spirit amongst students
  • keep constant contact with various industries and other stakeholders
  • engage in research activities
  • broaden the horizon of the students at an international level
  • give an exceptional learning experience to students
  • provide the widest possible access to the various programmes offered
  • strong support to students
  • provide opportunities for students to innovate and become leaders in their respective expertise areas
  • empower students with knowledge and personal development skills

The above is achieved by Domain Group's dedicated staff who is highly focused on their respective and collective responsibilities.

Organisations within Domain Group

Domain Group consists of the following four distinct Companies:

Domain Academy is a Higher Education College offering various internationally-recognised Diplomas and Degrees through partnerships with various UK Universities.

Computer Domain is a Further Education College offering various international ICT certifications courses and exams through partnerships with leading global ICT organisations and entities.

English Domain is a premier English Language School offering various English Language courses including general English, English for Business Executives, English for the legal profession, English for technical people, English for the Gas & Oil industry, English for the medical profession, etc.  English Domain also prepares students to obtain the required English exams to be able to enter Universities such as IELTS, Cambridge, Trinity, TOEFL, etc.

Domain Services is a Company offering various services and products to the education industry in general (such as eLearning platforms and solutions, interactive whiteboards, classroom control systems, school management systems, etc) through partnerships with various international education organisations and entities.

Facts about Domain Group

  • Leading education specialists in Malta (EU)
  • Offering UK degrees in Malta
  • International students creating a muti-cultural environment
  • Students' residence close to Domain Group building
  • Renowned for Quality Assurance standards
  • State-of-the art training facilities
  • Free WiFi throughout the campus
  • Very friendly environment
  • Free underground parking facilities
  • Environment-friendly campus
  • Fully accessible campus to disabled persons
  • Highly qualified and experienced academic staff
  • Regular collaboration with the industry
  • High profile alumni
  • International high level Board of Trustees




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